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本文摘要:ICI总部坐落于马耳他Mriehel市中央商务区,占地面积2100平方米,由3DM Architecture事务所设计。

ICI总部坐落于马耳他Mriehel市中央商务区,占地面积2100平方米,由3DM Architecture事务所设计。项目的初衷是为修建行业差别领域的专业人士提供一处共享事情场所,最终,ICI总部以综合了类型富厚的办公、零售以及展览空间的形式出现在公共眼前。ICI HQ was a unique endeavour for 3DM Architecture. Starting as a simple vision to house different building industry professionals under one roof, the building was materialized into spaces for different typologies of workspaces along with retail and exhibition spaces. Located in the Central Business District in Mriehel, the site covered an area of 2100sqm.▼项目概览,overall of the project © 3DM ArchitectureICI总部由三个主要区域组成,包罗负一层的事情室、一层与二层之间的零售与展览空间,以及三层的办公室。


这些遮光板的角度是凭据园地朝向、太阳轨迹以及室内景观视野而决议的。这种设置,使阳光能够在一天中最合适的时段,以最理想角度照射进室内,缔造出内外光影的相互作用,增强了开放的空间体验,使室内空间与外部情况发生精密联系。The building is divided into three main areas: workshops are located at level -1, retail centres and exhibition spaces at levels 0 and 1, and offices at level 2. The project was initially defined by a solid volume floating over a transparent base, keeping as close as possible to pure forms. This resulted in a rigid plan in a rectangular volume, which was then broken up by the fins which can be seen along the upper floating facades of the building. The fins follow the sun’s path in relation to the site’s orientation along with potential directional views within the interior spaces. This allowed the sunlight to penetrate the interiors at ideal angles and at desired times of the day, creating an interplay of light and shadows both internally and externally to enhance the experience of open space – a connection both between the users using the space and the surrounding context.▼极重的办公室体量搭建在两层通高的透明玻璃底座上,a solid volume floating over a transparent base © 3DM Architecture▼差别角度的遮光板形成了富有动感的立面效果, the fins formed a dynamic facade effect © 3DM Architecture▼分析图,diagram © 3DM Architecture项目旨在打破传统的修建行业事情模式,将各领域的专业人士搜集在一起,打造一个动态的、且更具有跨专业协调性的共享办公空间。

这种理念契合了业主的需求,实现了业主的愿景,促进了修建业内差别领域的相互联合,为公司团队营造出更具凝聚力的事情气氛,便于团队专注开发更高质量更奇特的项目。From the outset, the aim of the project was to provide a space where a group of professionals who are usually housed separately from one another, could come together under one roof, thereby creating a more collaborative and dynamic workspace. The clients’ vision was to provide a space where different aspects of the building industry could be tackled in conjunction with one other, thereby offering the ability to have one cohesive package, with a focus on creating high quality and unique projects.▼中庭,The atrium © 3DM Architecture▼中庭旁的走廊与集会室,Corridor and meeting room off the atrium © 3DM Architecture▼由集会室看中庭,viewing the atrium from the meeting room © 3DM Architecture▼集会室室内概览,interior of the meeting room © 3DM Architecture本项目接纳了一体化的设计方法,通过对修建形式、人体尺度、功效排布的综合考量,以及对质料与细节的字斟句酌,再加之修建治理系统(BMS)的辅助,最终成就了高质量的ICI总部修建。项目完美演绎出3DM Architecture力图以极简的方式打造集缔造力、功效性与美感于一体的修建设计理念。

This project reflects an integrated design approach, which contributed to a high-quality architecture through the program configuration, form, scale, and proportions, the installation of a Building Management System (BMS), materials, and refined detailing. A building that seeks to inspire creativity, functionality, and beauty, in the simplest possible way.▼沿立面排布的集会室,Meeting rooms which are arranged along the facade © 3DM Architecture▼集会室细部,details of the meeting room © 3DM Architecture▼透过遮光板的漏洞看周边情况,viewing the surroundings through the gaps in the fins © 3DM Architecture▼家具细部,details of the furniture © 3DM Architecture▼质料细部,details of material © 3DM Architecture▼负一层平面图,Level -1 plan © 3DM Architecture▼一层平面图,Level 0 plan © 3DM Architecture▼二层平面图,Level 1 plan © 3DM Architecture▼三层平面图,Level 2 plan © 3DM Architecture▼立面图,elevation © 3DM Architecture▼剖面图,section © 3DM ArchitectureName of Firm:3DM ArchitectureArchitects:Maurizio Ascione & Valentina MeloniPhotography:3DM。



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